Sonicrafter F80 Electric Caulk Cutter Tool Pro Value

Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Tool w/ Case, 5 Pack RSBS Blades, 6-in-1 Tool
New F80 Model
• 4.2 Amps w Constant Speed Control
• Two Oscillating Angles 3.6˚ & 5.0˚
• Vibration Reduction
• 6 Position Variable Speed
• Hard Shell Case
Electric caulk cutting tools are used to remove sealant from expansion joints where the job requires many lineal feet to be cut-out, where the sealant is in difficult locations to cutout with manual cutout knives or the material is very difficult to remove. Electric caulk cutting tools operate by oscillating or vibrating a tool head at approximately 20,000 strokes/minutes in a very small arc 2-4 degrees. Special caulk cutter blades are used to easily cut the sealant, reducing the physical effort needed when compared with using a manual knife. Because of the demand on the tool to continuously operate the on long cuts, the thick consistency of the sealant being removed and working in dusty environments traditional tools have been constructed with high-end components and thus were very expensive to purchase and maintain. Recently many of these oscillating tools have become available on the market due to the expiration of patents for the oscillating design. Many of these tools are not appropriate for contractor work, but the new Rockwell Pro-Grade tool incorporates many of the high-end industrial tool at a very affordable price.

The PipeKnife Company is a master distributor for the Rockwell Pro-Grade Sonicrafter tool and has the tool available in three options. Option 1 is the tool and hard shell case, Option 2 includes the tool, hard shell case, 5 serrated edge sealant cutout blades and a heavy-duty 5IN1 tool, Option 3 is the complete caulker’s kit including the tool, hard shell case, 5 serrated edge sealant cutout blades, 1 special taper sealant cutout blade, 9” cutout knife and 5 bi-metal utility blades.

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